Office building renovation Ashrae headquarters Atlanta, Georgia - Case Study


Courtesy of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Key Parameters

  • Type of Facility - Existing (EB)
  • Function - Office Building
  • Area - 33,570sf 2-story offices
  • Project Completed - 2008
  • LEED Platinum

Challenge: Sustainable design demonstrating the very latest state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology. The first objective was to provide a healthy and productive workplace for staff. The second objective was to create a living laboratory where ASHRAE members could learn about how buildings truly operate.

Solution: Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were installed in filter boxes throughout the building in plenum returns to allow servicing from the upstream side, and inside a Trane outside air unit. Real-time static pressure readings are monitored via the Automated Logic building control system.

Results: The renovated facility incorporates a number of sustainable features: groundsource heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow systems with heat recovery, and a dedicated outdoor air supply with energy recovery and humidity control provide considerable energy savings. Compared with the old building,   ASHRAE now uses less energy on a larger building with longer operating hours.