Offsite quench oil reclamation program saves $200,000 annually


The Problem: A diesel engine manufacturer was looking for an alternative solution to installing and operating an onsite waste water treatment plant. The waste treatment plant was going to be necessary to deal with the increasing oily waste water being generated by the plant. As the plant’s engine production increased, so did the amount of oily waste being generated on a daily basis. After a detailed plant survey, it was determined that the largest portion of the oily waste was coming from the parts cleaning operation being performed after the large engine components were being oil quenched.

The cleaning operation was difficult and forced the plant to make frequent dumps of the washer solution. In addition, more expensive cleaning solutions were required in order to meet the parts cleanliness requirements. Over 4,000 gallons a month of oily waste was being trucked off site for waste disposal. The plant asked SRS project managers for an alternative.

The SRS Solution: SRS’s project managers recommended the plant utilize SRS’s off-site oil reclamation and waste minimization program at the plant, located in Monroe, Ohio. The focus of the program was to collect the wash solution / quench oil mixture at the engine plant. After a successful pilot program was completed, 3000 gallons of the mixture was accumulated at the engine plant. United Waste Water, a division of USI, transported the mixture back to SRS’s oil reclamation facility for processing. Using our proprietary separation technology, the quench oil was separated from the wash solution. The finial amount moisture and fine particulate was removed from the oil. The quench oil was tested by a third party laboratory and was determined to be in “as new” condition. The left over wash solution was processed through United Waste licensed waste treatment facility.

The Results: Not only did the plant avoid the construction, liability and operational cost of a waste treatment facility, by also using SRS Offsite Oil Reclamation Program they produced a document cost savings over $200,000 in the first year for the plant. The savings were realized both in a reduction of new quench purchases and offsite waste disposal.

Annual Cost Savings: $200,000.

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