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Ohio - Gas Station & Deli case study


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As development continues so does the opportunity for new technology. Thus is the case in the small central Ohio town of Lancaster. As the small rural town needed a new convenient/gas store to help sustain it's current growth, the owners of the convenient store needed a new method of wastewater disposal. Along comes Scioto Valley Precast and owner Jim Bumen with new technology to the rescue. Scioto Valley Precast is the central Ohio Certified Dealer for Ouanics Inc.

Lancaster Convenient Store is a one-stop gas/food/mercantile store that offers everyday needs and on the go breakfast and lunches. The combination of food and restrooms provided a unique opportunity for Scioto Valley to implement the ATS technology supplied by Quanics. With a estimated daily water usage flow of 4,100 gallons per day, Scioto Valley offered the new Quanics Aerocell advanced treatment unit for 5000 gallons per day.

The treatment consists of two 5000 gallon settling tanks that time dose to the Quanics Aerocell treatment unit, then onto a Quanics 4' recirculation device that's splits the treated wastewater in an 80%-20% split. The 20% line then flows into a 3000 gallon dispersal tank and pumped into the dispersal trenches. The 80% recirculation line flows back to the inlet of the initial septic tanks which in turn provides extra filtration and a reduction of nitrogen in the wastewater.

Jim and Scioto Valley have been on the leading edge of new and improved wastewater technologies from Quanics and they are poised to further champion the cause of advancement in the ever changing wastewater treatment industry.

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