Oil Field Water Treatment


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

The IE Oil Field Treatment System (OFTS) offers a portable, yet high-quality, answer for oil well operators seeking to treat produce water from their drilling operations. The OFTS utilizes the extraordinary separation and dewatering characteristics of the FloccinAgent™ line of products, coupled with IE’s technical expertise and experience in wastewater treatment, to quickly and efficiently remove oils and solids from the produce water. Treated water is then available for reuse, reducing the drilling operation’s demand for fresh water. Moreover, the system is installed in two 40-foot enclosed trailers, making it completely portable. When one location is done, the system can quickly be secured and moved to another location.

• Treat up to 100 gallons per minute continuously
• Complete portability
• Ozone system delivering up to 24 grams of ozone per hour
• High and low speed duplex mixing chambers
• Reverse osmosis filter to soften treated water, drier to crystallize salts

• High water quality, as shown here
• Sludge retains

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