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Oil & Grease applications notes


Courtesy of Horizon Technology, Inc.

EPA Method 1664A & 1664Bwas developed to determine the precise amount of n-Hexane Extractable Material (HEM) and Silica Gel Treated n-Hexane Extractable Material (SGT-HEM) that exist within a water sample. The HEM or SGT-HEM that is extracted contains a mix of various hydrocarbons usually residing within the semi-volatile range with a boiling point greater than 85°C. The resulting weight of HEM or SGT-HEM is determined gravimetrically. Method 1664A & 1664B is a unique method at Horizon Technology, as it is able to be automated on all our extractors, and we have developed Application Notes which, when programmed into the extractors controller, allow for the automated extraction of Oil and Grease samples on any of our extractors.

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