Oil Smart® Spill Prevention Technology


Courtesy of See Water, Inc.

See Water, Inc. is a manufacturing firm that is located in San Jacinto, CA. SEE Water, Inc. designs and manufacturers water pump controls, high liquid alarms, and pump control panels, with a primary focus on the design of Oil Smart® Technology.Oil Smart Technology has the unique ability to differentiate between oil and water; the technology will automatically pump water without the risk of pumping oil into the environment and will alert in the event of an oil spill. As a leading manufacturer of pump control panels, SEEWater is a UL/CUL 508 approved panel shop with a diverse range of electronic design capabilities.

The OSS-100 is the trusted and proven plug & play Pump Switch and Alarm System that differentiates between oil and water. Testing Made Easy! A concept offered only by SEEwater Inc.

Contractors have the luxury of testing the Oil Smart® Switch and Alarm at any receptacle prior to installation. Test with your fingers -no oil or water required! The system is ideal for Elevator Sumps

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