Oil tank removal and land remediation specialist


It becomes a terrifically herculean task, when an oil tank is detected above and below the ground. In such cases we immediately need professional tank removal services. In this regard West Coast Tank Recovery has come out with some gratifying result.

It is not easy to handle the situation, when an oil tank is detected, submerged into the ground. In such circumstances we can only trust the company which possesses knowledge, expertise and necessary skills in this field. It is also important to note down that company possesses reliability to access and implement, all the oil tank recovery operations.

Company with solutions

In this regard West Coast Tank Recovery has come up with great solutions. It is a British Columbia’s leading oil tank removal and land remediation expert. The area where the company possesses its specialization are underground tank detection, above and below ground tank removal, interior and exterior oil tank removal, residential and commercial oil tank removal, fuel storage tank removal, contaminated land remediation and 24.7 spill response.

Accredited by BBB

West Coast Tank Recovery is accredited by the BBB and licensed throughout the lower mainland. Their crew member work in close coordination with environment consultants and strictly follow fire code. West Coast Tank Recovery Inc was opened by Martin and Glen and till date they have successfully detected, removed and disposed countless number of buried oil tanks. Their team understands the importance of professional and timely service and provides exceptional and outstanding customer support.

Technology – M2 scope metal detector

They use advanced technology like M2 scope metal detector to uncover the precise location of the buried tank. They provide the removal and disposal of heating oil tanks, underground fuel storage tanks, above ground fuel storage tanks, interior oil tanks and exterior oil tanks.

Soil testing and restoration

Soil testing is done to ensure that no contamination has occurred within the soil. At the end they also ensure that the excavation site is restored beautifully in a cost effective manner. If you are looking for further detailed information then visit the link http://www.wctankrecovery.net/Home

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