Oil Water Separation


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

An industrial facility imports oily wastes and separated them using a thermal process. The process raises the oil water temperature to 180 degrees F and uses insulated tanks to obtain an oil/water split. The facility had a 3-day workweek processing 100-200K gallons/day and then maintenance of the equipment the rest of the workweek and often weekend(s). The majority of the work was keeping the thermal heating system free of organic as well as solidification scaling which greatly reduced the heat transfer efficiency.

Testing showed that Floccin J was perfect in getting the oil/water separation with minimal heating. The addition of 100 lbs of Floccin J in 18,000 gallons of water produced an oil/water split within 20 minutes of continuous mixing. This has saved the facility over $100,000 in operational and fuel costs as well as doubled the facilities throughput with only ½ man day used for maintenance.

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