Oklahoma Strengthens and Streamlines Crisis Management with Essential Incident MasterTM


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The Challenge:

Year after year, the Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency Management (OEM) faces a host of hazards, ranging from seasonal natural disasters to major industrial or transportation accidents, and the list of potential threats continues to grow. Most notably, OEM was on the front lines during America's response to the terrorist bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, and now plays a leading role in regional Homeland Security efforts.

The Solution:

OEM chose Essential Incident Master™, the latest crisis management solution by ESS, to manage mission-critical information more easily and effectively. Essential Incident Master, a module in the fully integrated Essential Suite™ solutions portfolio, is a browser-based product designed to help organizations collect, share and leverage information from incident logs, e-mail messages, plans and procedures, predictive models, and resource and personnel databases. At OEM, it is installed on two Dell servers and shared on desktop computers throughout the department's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Oklahoma City.

The Results:

The new software had just been installed when the state was struck by a huge ice storm that crippled parts of the United States. After a few minutes of training, each user quickly adapted to the Web interface in Essential Incident Master and negotiated the logs and entry forms. That allowed the IT staff to complete other tasks and assist in response activities. Incident Master is used regularly to support both daily operations and any number of emergency response actions. OEM's staff reportedly is looking forward to expanding their use of the software in hopes of leveraging it's e-mail functionality to end the practice of users having to log into separate workstations in order to retrieve e-mail.

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