Old Chipper Breathes New Life Into New York Contractor’s Business

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There are days when, no matter how hard you try, how much effort you put into a task, nothing seems to go right. And then there are those in which the planets seem to align, everything falls into place and life is good. A couple years back, Mark Congden, owner of a central New York logging and landclearing business that bears his name, had one of those outstanding days and it quite literally changed his life. Looking to grow his business from one that hauled chips to one that produced them, he set out to look for a whole tree chipper. This being the information age, he


did what any internet savvy person looking for goods does: he turned to eBay. There, in one of the strangest bits of luck, the collector of vintage machinery found a 1970 Morbark whole tree chipper which, for reasons to be explained below he calls 'Old Blue.' That purchase allowed him to redefine his business and, because he uses it in his everyday operation, underscored what he had already heard about the longevity of Morbark’s equipment. All in all, a very nice turn of events.

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