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Omani Bedouins' readiness to accept solar thermoelectric refrigeration systems

In this work, a portable solar thermoelectric refrigerator was built in order to help Bedouin people living in remote parts of Oman. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the feasibility of the implementation of the fabricated solar thermoelectric refrigerator. To this end, a survey questionnaire was conducted in order to evaluate the willingness of the Bedouin to buy the designed unit. Various questions were asked to assess the attitudes and the opinion of Bedouin on various issues related to the refrigerator. These questions mainly concentrated on people's satisfaction with the performance of the conventional refrigerator and their readiness to buy solar-powered refrigerators. The results of the survey indicated that the refrigerator was marketable in the Bedouin Desert. The results of the survey also revealed that the Bedouin people are seriously concerned with environmental issues and want to make a conscious effort to protect the environment.

Keywords: thermoelectric refrigeration, survey questionnaire, energy technology, Oman, portable refrigerators, solar refrigeration, Bedouin, solar energy, solar power, environmental protection

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