OMNNI Concrete River Sediment Report


Courtesy of Minergy Corporation Limited

This report presents the results of concrete mix batching and testing using glass aggregate produced by Minergy. Crushed glass aggregate from the Minergy Pilot Plant produced from Fox River sediments was used in the batching and testing. This glass aggregate was incorporated into an air entrained concrete mix with ¾” maximum nominal aggregate size that is typical of a concrete mix that is commonly used for commercial applications. The purpose
of this testing and evaluation was to compare the physical properties of the concrete mixture containing the glass aggregate component to a similar mix composed exclusively of locally available, naturally occurring aggregates. Strength, water demand and workability of the mixture containing the glass aggregate were compared to the traditional concrete mix that used the naturally occurring aggregates exclusively. Our work was requested and authorized by Mr.
Tom Bauduin of Minergy.
The scope of our work consisted of the following tasks:
· Mobilize technicians to a local concrete plant site to obtain aggregates to be used in concrete
mix laboratory batching.
· Verify that aggregate gradations meet ASTM: C33 size 67 and fine aggregate gradation
specifications. Determine aggregate specific gravity and absorption.
· Perform laboratory batching of a concrete mixture using an aggregate blend consisting of
naturally occurring aggregates, cement, fly ash, water reducer, air entraining admixture and
water. Perform laboratory batching of a second mix substituting a portion of the fine
aggregate with a Fox River sediment glass aggregate component that had been crushed to meet
ASTM: C33 gradation specifications. Perform slump, air content, concrete temperature and
unit weight tests on each mixture. Cast both compressive and flexural strength test specimens
and test at 7 and 28 days. Record mixture batch weights and determine yield and
water/cement ratios for each mixture.
· Compare the physical properties of the mix using the glass aggregate to the mix that did not
include the glass aggregate. Also compare the mixture workability and water/cement ratios.
· Prepare a report summarizing our findings.

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