OMNNI Report of Asphalt Mix Design and Testing


Courtesy of Minergy Corporation Limited

This report presents the results of asphalt mix design and testing using glass aggregate produced by Minergy. Glass aggregate from the MinergyWinneconne Pilot Plant produced from sediments dredged from the Fox River was used in the design and testing. Two sizes of glass aggregates were used in the asphalt mix designs. One size has a gradation that is naturally produced by the plant during the incineration process. The other size consisted of glass aggregate crushed to meet ASTM: C33 gradation requirements for concrete fine aggregate. These glass aggregates were incorporated into an existing Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) verified; 19 mm, E-1 asphalt mix currently being produced by a local asphalt mix supplier. The purpose of this testing and evaluation was to compare the physical properties of the asphalt paving mixtures containing a glass aggregate component to a similar mix composed exclusively of locally available, naturally occurring aggregates and recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). Both physical properties of the asphalt mixes and the effect of moisture on the ability of the asphalt binder to adhere to the aggregate of the mixtures containing the glass aggregate were compared to the traditional asphalt mix design obtained from the
asphalt supplier and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation specifications.

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