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On biologically produced nanomaterials

Living organisms produce a wide variety of nano-sized materials or nano-structured materials to preserve their species on the planet. As Biologically Produced Nano Materials (BPNM) form according to the genetic information obtained in the process of their evolution, its shape or composition is well stabilised, controlled and regulated, and it can be easily mass-produced with environmental friendly and clean energy process. Knowledge concerning such bio-processes may also provide new methods for nanomaterial synthesis and maybe potentially useful to the development and design of nano-sized materials. The objective of this paper is to introduce three biologically produced nano materials – silica from rice plant, nano-structured silica from algae, and oxide nano particles from microorganisms and further stimulate the interest on the new novel technology to facilitate the production of nanomaterials in its infancy.

Keywords: biologically produced nanomaterials, rice husk silica, nanopores, nanoparticles, diatom, frustule, bacteria, biomineralisation, iron oxides, nanostructures, nanoscale materials, nanotechnology, Korea, algae, microorganisms

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