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On Site Bioremediation Of Oily Ballast Waters Of Ships and Tankers


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A poster presentation was made at the International Ballast Water symposium held in London, UK Paper discusses application of bioremediation products for ship board remediation of oily ballast water on ships and tankers and presents some case studies on bioremediation of industrial oily waste.


Discharge of oily wasie ballast waier is a perpetual problem for most types of ships including cruise and dry cargo ships. The problem of disposal of oily ballast waters is no less for oil tankers. Even today many tankers in operation are without segregated ballast tanks.

Treatment of waste oily ballast water is through the use of bioremediation products developed on the basis of our patented biodispersion technology. Studies have shown that mixtures of oils and greases collected as waste in industrial plants have been effectively remediated using our products in a very short span of time. In trials, bilge water was effectively remediated by our products. This indicates that these products are useful for even more complex mixtures generated during operation on board ships.

Ballast water on the other hand contains a single type of oil or hydrocarbons and hence remediation is expected to be faster. Similar studies are in the process of being carried out on an experimental basis on tankers. However, field evaluations on open water spills have documented the suitability of these products even under extremes of conditions. In one instance the TPH content of wastewater was reduced by 20% in a short span of 8 hours.

Of the manifold cost savings to the operators of ships and tankers the two most important are: 1) On site treatment can be carried out during a return voyage and hence there are no disposal requirement and 2) No overheads at the port or transportation and liability costs. Cost of treatment by these products is less than 40 cents per gallon.

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