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On storm surges induced by the Bora wind in the Lagoon of Venice

It is well known that the hydrodynamics of the Venice Lagoon is strongly dependent upon both tides and prevalent wind regimes, namely the Sirocco and the local wind Bora. However, while the effect of the Sirocco on the sea level has been an subject of a large number of experimental and theoretical studies because of its dramatic impact on Venice, less attention has been paid to the effect on the lagoonal water level of the other wind, the Bora. On the basis of a standard analysis of a large set of meteorological and tide gauge observations collected in the Venetian Lagoon, this article evaluates the interior longitudinal sea-level slope induced by the Bora. It is worth to mention that the present results, mainly for their hydrodynamical consequences, provide a contribution to the discussion concerning the planned Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico Project, i.e. the mobile submerged barriers to protect Venice against severe flooding.

Keywords: lagoon hydrodynamics, sea-level monitoring, Venice Lagoon, wind setup, Italy, storm surges, Bora wind, water levels, mobile submerged barriers, severe flooding, flood protection

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