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On systems analysis and performance assessment in complex, high-risk work environments

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In this paper, we outline our work on analysis, evaluation and assessment of military and emergency response units performing complex, high-stake tactical operations. We pursued a broad research approach and adopted a combined theorist's and practitioner's perspective to discover novel and effective ways to accomplish this objective. Experiences from this work made it possible to develop theories, methods and tools for modelling, analysis and accident prevention in precarious time-critical systems control in military missions and emergency response operations. Critical skills of individual operators and teams, mission resource management, and overall unit performance were the primary fields of study. We performed case studies, field studies, and experiments using a combined control theory, Naturalistic Decision Making and Cognitive Systems Engineering framework. We also tested these concepts in several simulated tactical operations, and finally, validated the concepts in a number of full-scale exercises.

Keywords: methodologies, tactical operations, decision-making, command and control, emergency management, system design, incident analysis, performance assessment

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