On the job training checklists improve efficiency

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The most widely used method of training is known by many names. Demonstration, skill assessment, job performance,
proficiency testing and on-thejob (OJT) are just a few names associated with training in the field. Regardless of the
name chosen, OJT as commonly practiced has some common characteristics, including :

1) The location of training is the actual work site,

2) An experienced employee teaches the new hire and

3) The training is provided from memory.

The problem with training from memory is that points are sometimes forgotten and each trainer uses his own experience to train. Therefore, training is inconsistent. What is needed is some type of guideline for OJT training. One of the easiest guidelines is the OJT checklist. With this single document, ABS Consulting has a structured guide to OJT as well as a documented record of task qualification. This makes the OJT checklist an integral part of the overall training process. Some of the things that we expect the OJT checklist to provide are:

1) Set objectives with a performance standard,

2) An outlined plan,
3) The opportunity to discuss, demonstrate and practice and

4) Objectively evaluate unsupervised performance of the objective.

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