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On the nanoscaled defects of 3C–SiC

In the present work we report on some recent results on the 3C–SiC structural nanoscaled defects, studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy. The examined samples were grown in several laboratories by different methods such as Vapour–Liquid–Solid, Continuous Feed Physical Vapour Transport, Chemical Vapour Deposition and Liquid Phase Epitaxy. In all these methods, for both bulk and epitaxial layer growth, substrates from other polytypes are exploited like the common hexagonal polytypes 4H– and 6H–SiC or 3C–SiC seeds both in (111) and (100) orientation.

Keywords: TEM, transmission electron microscopy, 3C–SiC, silicon carbide, nanoscale defects, stacking faults, twins, inclusions, nanotechnology

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