On the road again, cleaner and in compliance!


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Pretreatment removal rates have been greater than 90 percent


A huge trucking company needed advanced wastewater treatment for its trucking line that hauls a variety of food products. Following each shipment, the trucks must be totally cleaned out before picking up another load. The food hauled varies from shipment to shipment. Many of the food products contain a high amount of fats and/or oily substances. The company had discharged directly to the city but that was about to change. Pretreatment removal of the fats and oils was mandated. Before deciding on a specific system, the company did experiments at its northern location.


The trucking company chose Aeration Industries AIRE-O2 MICROFLOAT® System for its northern facility. The custom designed system had a circular tank design with a diameter of 10 feet (3.048 m). A 7.5 hp (5.5 kW) unit motor powers it. The flow into the MICROFLOAT varies according to how many trucks discharge into the system on a daily basis. The design capacity is 4,600 gallons per hour or 17,714 liters per hour. The company chose the MICROFLOAT for its small, circular footprint that easily accommodated its northern site. Pretreatment removal rates of FOG were excellent at 90 percent, greatly reducing surcharges to the city’s wastewater treatment system.


The trucking firm was so pleased with the AIRE-O2 MICROFLOAT® system that they decided to build several more systems for their other facilities located in the southern USA. Again, the performance exceeded expectations. At the northern site, compliance standards became even stricter, calling for major biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal as well. Again, the trucking company looked to Aeration Industries for help. The company’s high rate activated sludge, UNISYSTEM®, wastewater treatment system was purchased and installed to meet these greater treatment requirements. The company is happily trucking along, in compliance and pocketing the surcharge savings!

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