Online discharge measurement with horizontal doppler-flow sensor


Courtesy of The OTT Hydromet Group

  • The regional authority responsible for the barrages in the Free State of Saxony is in charge of the water management of the Rötha. Reservoir. This reservoir is situated close to the river Pleiße, from which the water is led over a weir into the reservoir..
  • Knowledge about the inflows of the reservoir is important for the water management there.
  • So far, the rate of flow at the inflow was measured with traditional current meters. Now this method should be replaced by a stationary measurement system which is connected to the local process control system.
  • This measurement task required a simple and reliable solution for the continuous discharge monitoring. The operators decided to choose a horizontal Doppler-flow sensor with an OTT SLD and entrusted the experts of the company “ALLTEC Automatisierungs- und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH” with the construction of a measuring site and the connection with the central control and communication system.
  • As the system is currently run as long-term testinstallation, the sensor is fixed at the bank only with an elementary construction.
  • Online measurement of water level and flow velocity with discharge calculation after the velocity-indexmethod.
  • Data transmission to the central control and communication system of the regional barragesmanagement with view of trends and archiving of data.

Monitoring Solution

  • OTT SLD 2.0 – Side Looking – Doppler for the measurement of local velocity (Index velocity)
  • Stationmanager LogoSens2 for the monitoring, processing, storing and transmission of all measured values


  • Online – monitoring of total discharge
  • Reliable measurement of velocity of flow with current ultrasonic Doppler -technology
  • Long-term-stable water level measurement
  • Installation work only on one waterside required
  • No cable passing through the water required
  • Direct cable laying to the control centre
  • Data interfacing with Siemens SPS


The new discharge measuring system provides roundthe –clock data.

  • The monitoring system is deployed since May 2008.
  • The monitoring system has proved to be the appropriate solution for the measuring task described.
  • The monitoring system is not affected negatively by the high iron (Fe) content of the water.

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