Online discharge measurement with OTT SLD


Courtesy of The OTT Hydromet Group

  • For the economic management of the waterways between Elbe and Oder it is essential to know the discharge of these rivers at defined locks.
  • The authority for water and navigation (WSA) in Lauenburg operates hydrological stations for the measurement of water level and discharge to effectively regulate the water flow at the locks in Plau and Malliß (Mueritz-Elde-waterway) and in Banzkow (Stör-waterway).
  • So far, the discharge has been calculated by discharge charts: the operating personnel had to note the position of the weirs/gates and the upstream water level and converted these values into discharge data.

This method is very cumbersome and time consuming for the staff. Besides it is not possible to calculate the amount of water transported through the locks and the discharge through the chambers if there is ice or flood.


  • Online measurement of water level and flow velocity with discharge calculation according to the velocity-index-method at the stations in Plau, Banzkow and Malliß
  • Data storage and prompt supply of all data for the management tasks of the water and navigation authorities or for the current requirements of other users (e.g. regional authorities)
  • Remote data transmission and maintenance of the monitoring systems via GSM-mobile network

Monitoring Solution

  • OTT SLD 2.0 – Side Looking – Doppler for the measurement of local velocity (Index velocity)
  • Station manager (advanced data logger) LogoSens2 for the monitoring, processing, storing and transmission of all measured values
  • OTT CBS – compact bubble sensor for long-term - stable water level monitoring
  • Solar power supply (station in Malliß)
  • GSM – modem for remote data retrieval
  • In order to offer the best possible service the installation has been realized in cooperation with a local partner, company „Hydrotechnik Schlestein“


  • Online – monitoring of total discharge (weir + lock)
  • Reliable measurement of velocity of flow with current ultrasonic Doppler -technology
  • Long-term-stable water level measurement
  • Installation work only on one waterside required
  • No cable passing through the water required
  • Data polling via GSM – mobile radio network
  • Station maintenance through remote control


The new monitoring network equipped with OTT instruments of up-to-date technology will provide discharge data around-the-clock.

  • Three discharge measurement stations have been equipped with OTT technology
  • Instruments are deployed since January 2008
  • The professional service arranged for the stations to be put into operation on schedule

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