Online flow measurement


Courtesy of The OTT Hydromet Group

  • The undershoot weir in Hohensaaten was built in 1913. It has three openings and regulates the discharge from the Oderbruch and from the Finow canal into the Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler-waterway. Moreover, it protects parts of the Oderbruch against Oder floods. The weir controls the waterlevels in the Havel-Oder-waterway and in the reach of Niederfinow- Hohensaaten.
  • The weir was automated in 2002. Until then, the discharge was determinded on the basis of handwritten discharge charts. For this purpose, the staff had to note the position of the weir and to calculate the discharge considering the upstream waterlevel and the tailwater level. The amount of water in the sluice was also factored into this calculation.
  • The discharge is influenced by the winds in the Baltic Sea.
  • After the automation of the weir this method proved to be too laborious.


  • Online measurement of waterlevel and flow speed with subsequent calculation of discharge
  • Storage and realtime provision of all data supporting the managing tasks of the water and shipping authorities and for the Landesumweltamt (environmental authority) Brandenburg.
  • Remote data transmission and maintenance of measurement systems via GSM-mobile network


  • OTT SLD 2.0 – Side Looking-Doppler sensor for the measurement of local flow speeds (index velocity)
  • Stationmanager LogoSens2 for monitoring, processing, storage and transmission of all measured values
  • Pressure probe OTT PS1 for longterm-stable water level measuerement
  • Solar based power supply with 24 Ah – buffer battery
  • GSM-Modem for remote data recall


  • Online-monitoring of the total discharge (discharge at the weir + discharge of sluice water)
  • Reliable measurements even at low temperatures
  • Reliable measurement of flow speed with latest ultrasonic Doppler-technology
  • Longterm stable waterlevel measurement
  • Installation work only on one bank
  • No cable crossing through the water required
  • Data recall via GSM-mobile network
  • Remote system maintenance possible


The OTT-SLD measurements reliably provide waterlevel and flow speed data in high quality

  • The instrument provides reliable data since March 2007
  • Even at low water and air temperatures data comes in good quality

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