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Online Odors Monitoring in Waste Water Treatment Plants


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Odors are very distinct air contaminants as they generate nuisances (see note at the end). The factors playing a role in the determination of odor annoyance are : odor concentration and intensity, frequency, appreciation, duration, synergy and location. Chromatotec proposes an automated solution to well identify the origin and the level of odors.

Technology Description
We offer a comprehensive solution for odor monitoring, including :

Odors analyzers :
- MEDOR Gas chromatograph specific for sulfur compounds
According to ISO6326/2 & DIN51855/7
ASTM D 7493-08
Low detection limit < 1ppb for H2S, Mercaptans and Sulfides
Interference free

Detector lifetime : up to 10 years
More than 20 years’ experience of odor measurement in waste water treatment plant
- chromaTID gas chromatograph specific for amines and ammonia
- DET NH3 FTUV detector for ammonia

Data Acquisition and transmissions :
GPRS/ModBUS/4-20 mA/0-1V

Internal auto calibration to validate automatically the data

Option : Data Reporting and modeling Software
Real Time Odor Dispersion Modeling
Online Registration of Complains
Recalculation of Odor Concentration at Specific Location & Time

Option multi stream (2 to 12 streams with 1 analyzer)

Option : meteorological Station : wind direction and speed, temperature, relative humidity.

Our solution
The instrument monitors ambient odors inside and outside waste water treatment plant and monitors also the deodorization process. One instrument, using a multi stream selector is able to measure compound concentrations and odor indexes before and after deodorization tower. These measurements allow the control and the adjustment of deodorization processes, the optimization of chemical treatment and to decrease effective costs.

As the replacement of calibration gas cylinders is expensive and time consuming, Chromatotec is developing electrochemical gas generators (e.g. H2S, Cl2, O2, H2…). These generators will allow high level calibration and improve the and reliability of the system.

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