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Oops! We’ve been Drilling in the Wrong Place!

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An energy resource is immediately available that will annually yield over three times the total energy produced from the US Gulf of Mexico (US GOM). Drilling into this resource creates over 5 million jobs annually over the next ten years. Oil or coal once burned are gone and leave residuals of pollution that cost additional money to clean up. In the case of strip mining of coal and the Gulf Oil disaster, we are left with permanent scars that harm our environment for a very long time or forever. National investments in oil and coal through subsidies go up in smoke. Our other resource is clean and actually reduces pollution by 30 percent, leaving only positive environmental benefits and adding value for users with permanent positive returns on investment. Its residuals create value and success for our general economy.

Oil and coal investments yield negative long term returns for America by reducing a depleting resource while increasing pollution and costs. Investment in this other resource will yield a positive return compounded forever. Using this resource is also estimated to add 10 percent in value to our aging infrastructure. The collateral value is restoring significant employment with a workforce trained to exploit this resource with new skills that will create new business opportunities. Energy costs of US businesses that use this resource will be reduced by 30 percent. A shopping center developer/owner told me a 30 percent reduction in energy costs would improve his bottom line 10 percent.

Both of these benefits will enhance the competitiveness of our workforce and of U.S. business in the global market. With proper incentives and financing, the use of this resource can provide immediate positive cash flow to all users both commercial and residential.

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