Opinions on a low carbon future - a research study

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Courtesy of WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

In our experience, people find it difficult to fully understand the impacts of climate change and what it will mean to live a more sustainable life. This research study certainly bears this out. 45% of respondents state that they don’t understand what a low carbon lifestyle means.

At WSP Environment & Energy, we are committed to shaping a progressive vision of the future. We believe it is of fundamental importance to help people – consumers and businesses alike – to have a positive picture of what a low carbon future looks like.

In making this happen, we are able to bring to the table our own expertise. Some of this is at a macro level. For
example, designing sustainable urban and regional infrastructures. Other aspects are more micro, such as helping organisations understand the full lifecycle impacts of their products and services.

But we recognise that ours is the contribution of one business. The Prince’s Mayday Network is a movement which combines the efforts of hundreds of businesses committed to tackling climate change and we’re proud to be part of that. As leading businesses across many fields, we have the capability to shape a vision of a future low carbon economy, and importantly, we can illustrate that it will enrich our future lives, not diminish them.

Success in achieving this vision will come from individual and collective leadership. As a human race, we have the technological capacity to adapt, but it is the collaborations and partnerships between individuals, private business and public institutions that are pivotal to generating change.

This piece of research captures people’s attitudes to climate change and low carbon lifestyles. I’m delighted that the Mayday Network supported us in this study. It reveals people’s perceptions of what their urban environment will look like in a low carbon future, their attitudes and what they will commit to do, and their expectations of government around these issues.

I hope you find this piece of research informative and I welcome your feedback to the debate as we define a progressive vision of the future.

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