opsEnvironmental™ helps American Airlines keep the skies blue


Courtesy of IHS Markit

Air emissions management system helps company assure compliance with Title V permit, NESHAPs and other regulatory requirements.

Aerospace and airline companies are currently challenged to reduce costs and maximize operational performance. On top of this, the introduction of more stringent air emissions regulations and reporting requirements has produced increasingly complex environmental management needs. Now more than ever, it is imperative to have cost-effective systems in place that can help demonstrate clear compliance visibility and offer increased control over environmental data. The following case study illustrates how one company, American Airlines, streamlined compliance management at one of its largest facilities by implementing opsEnvironmental™, the enterprise-scale environmental data management solution from IHS.

Complex Environmental Management

The American Airlines Tulsa facility is one of the largest American Airlines facilities, with more than 200 individual shops ranging from upholstery to painting, and over 9000 employees. The Tulsa facility is a Title V facility that is subject to multiple NESHAPs, including the aerospace, halogenated solvent cleaners, and chrome electroplating NESHAPs. In addition, the facility must also meet other Federal, State, and local emissions reporting requirements. With numerous employees responsible for compliance and no centralized data management system, compliance management was extremely labor intensive. The company therefore determined that an environmental management information system (EMIS) was needed in order to integrate data sources, improve data management, assure compliance, and provide a vehicle for tracking success of environmental initiatives.

The opsEnvironmental™ Solution

After considering the available options, American Airlines selected IHS opsEnvironmental™ to form the core of its environmental data management system. The software was chosen because of its powerful functionality as well as its enterprise orientation. opsEnvironmental™ appealed to environmental staff at the Tulsa facility because it offered tools which would help streamline and assure compliance for their facility. It also appealed to corporate environmental staff because its enterprise orientation enabled easy roll-up and corporate reporting.

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