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Optical Company saves thousands every month using the ENCON MVC case study


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Company dramatically reduces disposal costs and recycles wastewater for reuse.

  • The Company: INCOM Corporation of Charlton, MA
  • The Solution: ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression Evaporator (MVC)
  • Customer Since: January 1996 (MVC customer since October 2008)

INCOM Corporation in Charlton, MA is the world’s leading manufacturer for commercial rigid, fused fiberoptic faceplates, tapers, and microwell arrays. Their advanced technology supports researchers, scientists, and instrument makers in the dental, medical, life science, scientific, homeland security, and defense industries. INCOM has over 200 employees and more than 90,000 square feet in two facilities. The facilities are situated in a rural area without available connection to a public wastewater treatment facility.

ENCON’S relationship with INCOM dates back to 1996 when an ENCON Thermal Evaporator was installed to reduce the disposal cost for INCOM’s grinding swarf and coolant waste. INCOM had great success with the ENCON Thermal Evaporator from 1996 until late 2008; the system paid for itself many times over the years.

In the beginning of 2008, John Lewis of INCOM contacted ENCON to discuss replacing his old evaporator with the ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression system (MVC). INCOM was interested in the MVC operating cost of only $.01-$.02 per gallon and the ability to recycle the wastewater for reuse in their process. In addition to the original wastewater from the grinding swarf and coolant, INCOM wanted to add a lead containing hazardous waste stream to reduce their disposal cost even further. INCOM was granted an exemption from the Massachusetts DEP to distill the lead containing wastewater provided that the water was recycled and reused in an enclosed system. The ENCON MVC met both of the requirements for INCOM’s project; to drastically reduce their disposal cost and to recycle the water for reuse.

Prior to installing the ENCON MVC, INCOM was paying $35,000 per month for disposal of the lead containing wastewater. By using the ENCON MVC they have reduced their disposal cost to $6,000/mo and have saved additional money and resources by using the recycled water in their process. INCOM is very happy that they decided to install the ENCON MVC; the system is well on it’s way to paying for itself within the first year!

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