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Optimisation of construction resources using lean construction technique

Lean construction is a production management based approach to project delivery a new way to design and build capital facilities applied to construction and changes the way work is done throughout the delivery process. To facilitate the implementation of lean concepts in an actual building project an optimisation model is developed. The general perceptions of local construction industry are compared while examining the lean construction principles in the simulation model. The lean approach of better flow, reliability principle improves performance is being supported through providing standardised workflow directly addressing material and labour resources for construction tasks. Model deliberates construction resources limited to cement, reinforcement and manpower of building. It is main contribution to theory and practice is to present the standardised process flow, and concludes a value to resources using Just in Time theory; optimisation of these resources is done using risk solver platform which saves 3.42% of the real price.

Keywords: resource optimisation, JIT, just in time, lean construction, productivity, simulation, construction resources

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