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Optimising existing equipment with Bioconservación products


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As part of its technical support service offered to clients on an ongoing basis, Bioconservacion conducted an efficiency study at the express request of one of its customers. The study explored solutions to improve efficiency in eliminating odours origintating from biological reactors through the use of horizontal deodorisation systems. The objective was to guarantee the proper treatment of air for longer, with the aim of minimising the frequency of media replacement, and ultimately reducing the system's operational costs.

Whilst the equipment in question was not supplied by Bioconservacion the client had faith in the company's experience designing and operating industrial air filtration processing systems, and in its detailed knowledge of the chemical processes intrinsic to the operation of gas adsorption products.

Media efficiency is directly related to adsorption kinetics and the residence time of the gas in the adsorbent bed.

A fixed bed adsorption process model was simulated for the study, using real data generated by Bioconservación based on its extensive experience in industrial air filtration.

The use of this flow simulator allowed the swift drawing of conclusions: the model's high level of accuracy removes the need to carry out costly and slow field tests.

Optimisation measures for existing equipment recommended by Bioconservacion were reviewed from a fluid dynamics perspective, using a loss of charge study, to guarantee its direct applicability and/or determine the need to introduce modifications. With this, Bioconservacion was able to recommend usinga different media in a different formulation and quantity.

Using both of these semi-empirical models led to the conclusion that the recommended measures are capable of more than doubling the range of the deodorising system without the need to introduce any modifications to the existing system, and operating within the guaranteed operational limits of the equipment.

As such a minimisation of the system's operational costs is achieved through a drastic reduction in the number of refills, without increasing any other operational costs such as electrical consumption or maintenance.

Conducting these types of air filtration optimisation studies, which can be applied to all types of equipment, means we can expand the applicability limits of fixed-bed adsorption as opposed to other treatment technologies which lead to more significant investment and more complex installations.

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