Optimising the water supply network

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The city of Crema sits on the Serio River south east of Milan in Northern Italy and has a population of approximately 33,000 people across an area of 34.6 Km2.

AIMAG, the water services management company based in Mirandola near Modena, was commissioned by S.C.S. Crema to carry out a study of its water network with the use of a network model. AIMAG provides such services externally together with, for example, surveys, SIT, network design services for gas and sewer utilities.

AIMAG manages network services in the area of Modena, Mantova and Bologna. In 1991 AIMAG started implementing a monitoring system for the water distribution network. This initiative introduced a system that provides for continuous control of its infrastructure and helped improve control of water leakage from the network.

This initiative, where water network modelling takes a fundamental role, allowed AIMAG to improve greatly the daily management of its infrastructure, the design of new systems and, ultimately, the quality of the service delivered to its end customers. In this article we examine the results achieved by this approach on the water supply network of Crema. AIMAG selected InfoWorks WS for this hydraulic modelling project, the software solution developed by Wallingford Software Ltd in the UK.

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