Optimising thermal hydrolysis for high digester solids loading and performance

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Courtesy of Cambi Group AS

CAMBI UK - Activities

Building new Cambi plants in the UK, upgrading existing ones: Current Projects:

  • Cotton Valley (Milton Keynes)
  • Whitlingham (Norwich)
  • Bran Sands (Middlesborough)
  • Aberdeen upgrade
  • Chertsey Operations

Commissioning and optional operational contracts

Chertsey STW, Client: Thames Water

Built 1998 and retrofitted in 2005 as part of a 7 year mini DBO by Cambi

Features and benefits of retrofit:

  • Upgrade of all pumps – larger, continuous running
    • Longer stator life > 8000 hours
  • Replaced stators on hot pumps to proven elastomer
    • Eliminated stator swelling and contributes to stator life
  • Addition of bursting discs to protect PRVs from leaks
    • Guarantees leak prevention
  • Replace original odour control system with proven gas compression system
    • No odour complaints in two years for this outdoor plant
  • Installation of digester recirculation line to main THP cooler
    • Reduced pressure spikes on cooler
    • No cooler maintenance due to scouring flow
  • Addition of digester trim cooler for use in summer months
    • Steady digester temperature throughout the year
  • Changes to operating and control philosophy

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