Optimization of a Sulfur Recovery Unit


Courtesy of Merichem Company

Prior to Suncor’s purchase of the Spirit River facility, little attention was given to the LO-CAT unit. In general, over injecting chemicals into a LO-CAT unit will not result in operating problems, just higher than required operating costs. Consequently, in remote gas plants such as Spirit River, it is sometimes difficult to convince operators to change operating conditions if the unit is not presenting any operating problems. However, this is not Suncor’s operating philosophy.

Upon taking ownership of the facility, Suncor contacted Gas Technology Products and stated that the operating costs associated with the LO-CAT unit were not cost effective and something had to be done about chemical consumption, power consumption and the disposal cost of blowdown liquid or the unit would be shutdown. At this point, Suncor and Gas Technology Products started working closely together to optimize the system.

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