Optimization of Anaerobic Digestion & Bio-Organic Catalyst Compositions (BOCs)

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Anaerobic digestion offers excellent opportunities to convert organic waste streams into environmentally safe bio-solids and generation of renewable energy through the bio-methane produced by the microbiological populations processing the wastes. Bio-organic catalyst compositions (BOCs) offer improvements in enhancing anaerobic biological activity and raising bio-methane production. The bio-catalytic actions of BOCs act upon the influent waste stream components, accelerating methanogenesis optimization within the anaerobic digestion (AD) unit, improving total solids (TS) and total volatile solids (TVS) reductions, while improving bio-solids’ quality.


Anaerobic digestion, methanogenesis, bio-methane, bio-gas, co-generation, combined heat and power (CHP), renewable energy, bio-optimization, bio-solids’ odors, bio-solids’ quality, bio-solids dewatering, bio-solids transport, ammonia treatment, biological nutrient removal (BNR), hydraulic residence time (HRT), flow equalization, renewable energy credits, carbon footprint reduction.

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