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Optimum crankshaft damper selection

Crankshaft dampers reduce and/or eliminate the damaging effects of torsional, bending and axial vibrations of the crankshaft. These vibration modes occur simultaneously and are coupled. In this paper, an analysis of crankshaft vibration is given, and a model of a crankshaft/damper is derived. The model is used in conjunction with multi-speed cylinder pressure curves to select optimum damper parameters for any given engine specification. The simulation parameters were found from experimental results. Torsional vibration analyses show that the selected twin-tuned rubber damper parameters used provide satisfactory torsional vibration attenuation.

Keywords: crankshaft dampers, selection, modelling, vehicle vibration, torsional vibration, bending vibration, axial vibration, cylinder pressure curves, simulation, vibration analysis

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