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Optimum waste interception in Liquefied Natural Gas processes

This work addresses optimum waste interception and wastewater minimisation in liquefied natural gas (LNG) processes. The problem involves solvent regeneration and purification using distillation. The scope of this paper focuses on determining optimum impurities (waste) composition (accumulation) in the solvent loop while considering energy integration scenarios including pressure of the distillation columns. Results show that the optimum composition for each scenario is a function of energy integration and that the lower the pressure the more cost-effective is the system. In addition, this work demonstrates that waste optimisation strategies in LNG plants are very sensitive to external energy costs.

Keywords: distillation, liquefied natural gas, LNG, wastewater minimisation, waste interception, solvent regeneration, solvent purification distillation, energy integration, waste optimisation, pollution prevention, environmental pollution

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