Optimus and doseBadge Adapt to New Challenge - Case Study


Courtesy of Cirrus Research plc

Established in 1934, Lindapter International is the world’s innovator of steelwork clamping systems, eliminating the requirement to drill or weld steel.  The company designs and manufactures specialist products for connecting structural steel sections together and  has more than 85 years’ experience in its field.

The company’s success is the result of its dedication  to meet and exceed the needs of its customers’ and to adapt to the demands of the international markets it serves. Lindapter’s premium quality manufacturing and exceptional customer service are only possible due to its commitment to implementing robust health & safety policies and increasing awareness within the workplace.

Gavin Johnson has full H&S responsibility for the 30,000 sq ft Bradford site including the busy machine shop. He took the decision to buy an Cirrus Research Optimus® Red Sound Level Meter, as well as a doseBadge® Noise Dosimeter, when he wanted to have more flexibility to conduct tests when and as often as he wished; rather than have to rely on an external consultant to come on site.

“At Lindapter’s ISO9001 accredited production facility, the noise levels naturally vary depending on type of machinery operating at any one time, however due to the high levels of productivity, the incremental differences are quite small which makes it even more important that we can gauge them accurately,” he said.

“We found that the Optimus Red and the doseBadge complemented each other very nicely. The information we get from the Optimus is particularly important; we can measure for 10 minutes and that can be extrapolated out so we can have a very accurate estimate on what the exposure will be over several hours. It also showed how much people actually move around, which we weren’t aware of, which was very useful.

“Previously, the use of other sound monitoring equipment used to be a real hassle to set everything up, maybe taking half a day by the time you had finished – with the Optimus Red, you calibrate, switch on and then download the results at the end – the hardest part is deciding which folder to store your results in!”

Gavin is responsible for the Health & Safety of over 50 employees on site and whilst noise is not an issue for the company due to the EHS policies he develops and implements, he is keenly aware of both the legal and evidential responsibilities on behalf of Lindapter.

“Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)is turning into the new asbestos,” he said. “There is much more awareness about it and claims firms are turning their attention to it. We have to be in full control now, so in the unlikely event that there was ever an issue in the future our evidence and data is absolutely solid.”

Recent UK research supports Gavin’s view that NIHL claims are on the increase as small claim firms switch their focus. UK law firm Weightmans analysed data from the Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) and identified trends across the various classes of claims, finding a dramatic rise of NIHL enquiries – a rise of 139% between 2011 and 2014 from 18,570 claims to 44,158.

“The Optimus and doseBadge gives me full flexibility in the workplace and the information we gain is extremely valuable.” concluded Gavin.

Product Information – Optimus Red Sound Level Meters

The Optimus Red Sound Level Meters use the very latest digital technology and industrial design for Occupational and Industrial Hygiene noise measurements.

The Optimus Red Sound Level Meters offer a clear, high resolution OLED colour screen, a wide 120dB measurement span (up to 140dB(A) and 143dBC Peak) and simultaneous measurement of all available parameters.

There’s no setup or complicated configuration needed. Just switch on, calibrate and press start.

  • Very simple to use with only 3 button pushes needed to start a measurement
  • Every functions measured at the same time so there’s no risk of missing data
  • High resolution colour OLED screen with ambient light sensor allows
  • 120dB measurement span removes problems with setting the correct range
  • Option of 1:1 octave band analyser for hearing conservation and noise control
  • VoiceTag audio note recording lets you store notes and information about each measurement
  • Licence-free NoiseTools software supplied as standard with no installation restrictions to save you money

There are 8 versions of the Optimus Red Sound Level Meters, each with the same features that make the Optimus unique. Each instrument has slightly different capabilities, including data logging and 1:1 octave band filters, as well as Class 1 or Class 2 performance.

Product Information – doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge is the original wireless personal noise dosimeter. It is the ideal tool to carry out occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements and provides a unique solution for these applications.

With no cables, controls or displays, the doseBadge can be worn in areas where there is a risk of damaging traditional style units or where there is a risk of tampering.

Designed and manufactured by Cirrus Research plc, the doseBadge is an innovative instrument that is ideal for measuring and assessing the noise exposure of workers and employees across all locations.

  • Measures & stores the essential occupational noise parameters
  • Very simple operation
  • Compact, rugged design weighs only 51g/1.8oz
  • Dual channel with noise profile data stored as standard
  • Robust metal case prevents damage & servicing costs
  • No external controls, cables or displays reduces damage, tampering or misuse
  • 90 minute (typical) charge time with 24 hours (typical) battery life
  • Intrinsically safe version available with ATEX, EEx, IECEx & FM Certification for hazardous atmospheres

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