ORC Reduces Benzene to Below Site Goals – The Netherlands


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

The former gasworks is located in the city of Enkhuizen residing in The Netherlands. Shortly after site activities ceased, the land was redeveloped. A site assessment indicated that the soil beneath a former cellar was contaminated with benzene. The depth of the contamination was estimated at 6 m-bgs (~20 ft), but couldn’t be assessed further due to restrictions caused by debris in the cellar. The concept of the remediation plan was very simple: demolish the building, drive sheet piles into the ground around the contamination and excavate the area. During the excavation the contamination seemed to have spread till a depth of about 12 m-bgs (~39 ft) via the wooden pile foundations. The sheet piles and drainage system were only constructed for excavation up to a depth of 6 m-bgs. In the groundwater of the clay layer between 8 and 12 m-bgs about 3,000 μg/L of benzene was detected. By injecting a low dose of ORC in combination with nutrients the remediation targets were reached without excessive costs.

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