ORC Used to Reduce Toluene Concentrations


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

The former UST area at a site in East Brunswick, NJ became an Area of Concern due to the presence of soil and groundwater contamination. Sampling showed high levels of BTEX, primarily toluene. Initial remediation efforts included a High Vacuum Extraction and Treatment (HEAT) application. Nine 8-hour events were conducted over 2 years resulting in the removal of approximately 100 gallons of toluene.  Although the HEAT application showed some success, complete cleanup was not attainable due to tight soils.

Excavation activities were planned for a 375 ft2 area of the toluene source area. ORC was chosen as a backfill to the excavation to further reduce the high toluene levels. The soil excavation increased toluene concentrations but a quick reduction was seen shortly thereafter due to the ORC application.

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