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Oregon (ODEQ) comparative pilot study


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Comparison of Enhanced Bioremediation to Stimulated Bioremediation

In the winter of 2001 the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) along with the State Coalition for the Remediation of Dry Cleaners organized a field comparison of two methods of bioremediation. The project provided for a side- by- side comparison of enhanced bioremediation using CL-Out and stimulated bioremediation using sodium lactate. The following article, prepared by Michael Stevens and Herb Clough of Hart Crowser, who completed the study for ODEQ, and Bruce Gilles of ODEQ, summarizes the study and the results.

The conclusion of the study was that CL- Out bioremediation was effective at the site, while the stimulated bioremediation was not. Cl- Out bioremediation reduced the concentration of the target compounds PCE, TCE, DCE and vinyl chloride by 30% to 97%.

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