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Organic Solid/Sludge Dubai, United Arab Emirates Case Study


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Spread over an area of 1.02 million square feet, the 515,000 - square foot facility, currently employing 555 people, specialises in the manufacturing, canning and packaging of branded products. Items include powder milk, chocolate and bottled water. The Middle East has been identified as a region of tremendous growth potential for the client, and expanding their operation to meet growing market demands also requires sufficient provisions regarding their environmental impact, specifically their waste management.



  • The aim of the trial was to improve the following areas related to onsite waste processing and disposal:
  • Digest organic waste in an XO unit, significantly reducing mass and volume, and leaving a clean output of material.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals hazardous to health or the environment.
  • Adhere to the environmental sustainability directives and operational targets implemented by the client.
  • Eliminate noxious odours and airborne pollutants.
  • Introduce a system that is fast and efficient at reducing the water content of residual material below 10% humidity.

A site wide survey was conducted prior to the Advetec XO installation. During this evaluation, samples were collected and analysed by Advetec`s laboratories to assess expected digestion rates. An XO unit was installed on the grounds of the factory and containers full of waste were brought to the unit, which was then weighed and loaded into the machine. The table on the left is information obtained our team which monitored the machine with staff over the 10-day trial, period.

The  results  of  the  trial  show  that  2350kg  of  influent  waste  was digested  to  186kg  of  output.  This  outlet  value  was  determined after  weighing  the digestate remaining  in  the  XO  at  the  end  of the  trial  period.  This  level  of  waste  reduction  is  equivalent  to  a 92%  reduction  of  the  original  mass.  This  reduction  percentage would increase if the machine ran for a longer time frame as the bacterial colonies in the biomass become more established. The power requirement for the machine would also decrease, as the exothermic  reaction  produces  heat  and  decreases  the  energy requirement.

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