Organic sum parameters for river monitoring

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The purpose of river monitoring is to have an early warning system for chemical accidents with the consequence of water pollution through hazardous chemical substances. The real objective goes even further because the early warning system is intended for protecting the sensible drinking water resources.

River monitoring stations have been established along rivers around the world. Today there is data available of over 30 years of experience in river monitoring. It is common knowledge that especially for river monitoring it is absolutely mandatory to have first the right measurement and second reliable instruments with low maintenance.

But what is the right measurement?

The right measurement for river monitoring has to guarantee always the correct measurement with high recovery rates for every substance which is thinkable. This requirement is very important because there should be no chemical compound not to be detected. For river monitoring it is very important that all substances are detected in their full amount and that the results are accurate and reproducible.

Besides this essential issue there are more criteria to be considered for the selection of the measurement method and the realization of the method in an online monitor or online analyzer:

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