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Organizational Design: Benchmarking


This 'Environmental Leadership' column is the second installment in a two-part series based on the most recent research by CEI. The study focuses primarily on organizational design and dealing with the aftermath of reorganization, which is a critical period for any EHS/S department.

The first installment examined published literature. This second part summarizes the feedback gained from benchmarking with 19 senior-level EHS/S professionals, comparing these current 'real world' findings with the published literature.

Successful senior-level EHS/S practitioners generally follow well-established business practices. Yes, there are some nuances involved in EHS/S management. In general, however, effective EHS/S leadership organizations manage these specialized issues by following business basics. Thus, there is substantial harmony between the published literature on standard business practices and the feedback we received from benchmarking senior-level EHS/S professionals. This agreement offers very real advantages in terms of persuading management to initiate change. Executives are much more inclined to support efforts that are based on both well-established business practices and peer benchmarking.

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