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OSHA Requirements Exceeded for HVAC Maintenance - Case Study


Courtesy of Kee Safety, Inc.

The heating and cooling units pictured were installed very close the the roof edge. The business was putting their workers at risk when the equipment periodically needed maintenance and repair. OSHA Code required that guardrails be erected. This facility installed a guardrail system that is a non-penetrating, counterbalance system, that eliminated the need to drill into the roof membrane. The modular design and mechanically secured joints made KEE GUARD rooftop guardrail quick and simple to install.

OSHA Code 1926.502(f)(4) states:

“Mechanical equipment on roofs shall be used or stored only in areas where employees are protected by a warning line system, guardrail system, or personal fall arrest system.”

OSHA Code 1926.502(j)(7)(i) states:

“Materials and equipment shall not be stored within 6 feet (1.8 m) of a roof edge unless guardrails are erected at the edge.”

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