Otis, MA municipal wastewater treatment plant information

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Small and rural communities generally find it difficult to assemble the resources to develop a traditional wastewater infrastructure.  Yet, without infrastructure it is difficult to enhance property values and economic development.  Decentralized wastewater treatment systems represent a low cost, low impact and high benefit solution.  Employing modular systems whose processes are natural and require little management is a strategy for success that has the support of Rural Community Assistance Programs (RCAP) and Rural Utility Service (RUS) offices.

The town of Otis Massachusetts qualified for Rural Utility Service funding from the Department of Agriculture to provide sewer for a portion of the community. Their engineering firm Camp Dresser & McKee selected an Aquapoint wastewater treatment system because of the stability of the fixed film treatment process and the low product, installation and operation costs.  The treatment plant’s compact footprint reduced the cost for land and minimized the impact on the surrounding community.

The project was permitted under Massachusetts Ground Water Discharge Standards requiring a level of treatment (BOD<30, TSS<30, TN<10) that would preserve the life of the leach field and ensure public health.

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