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Our Conical Cone Tanks Are Now WRAS Approved For Drinking Water Storage


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When it comes to quality, Enduramaxx is there. And our cone tanks (conical tanks) are no exception. We are proud to announce that they have just been granted WRAS certification. The Water Regulation Authority Scheme approval means that these tanks are approved for the storage of emergency water for human consumption. This means our cone bottom tanks can be used for applications for storage of drinking water and be part of systems where drinking water is stored.

Our Cone Tanks are not like any other water tank, water storage tank or rainwater tank either. Complete with a steel stand, these conical tanks are ideal for environments where 100 per cent drainage is an advantage. Rationally molded from medium density polyethylene, our cone tanks are designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity. So as well as storage of rainwater and drinking water, they are also ideal for storing molasses and an ideal liquid fertiliser storage tank.

Because they allow for the settlement and drainage of sludge, additional uses include; wine making, cider production and brewing. Smaller tanks can be used for the storage of biodiesel, with larger tanks being used for industrial chemical storage, including antifreeze and windscreen wash.

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