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Our energy independence and job creation is not a partisan issue anywhere in the world

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I have some questions for what our country's principles were built from. How have jobs been created in the past? I don't remember it being the governments' responsibility to create jobs or pay for this. Aren't we a happier bunch when people are not on unemployment and gainfully occupied? Isn't it the responsibility of those who are in business to employee those locally? I got that impression. Now, I'll chime in on what I feel will really turn things around.

It's like a light bulb is going off. Let's start a new industrial revolution. Let's think of a new industry everyone has interest in for one reason or another. What are the buzz words all are talking about? Do I hear interest in creating jobs, using less power, green, environmental concepts, green building, energy efficiency, using our own natural resources, not importing oil and interest in having lower utility bills. Who hasn't heard the possibilities of having healthier indoor air quality? Who isn't interested in energy savings unless you are seriously out of touch? Big business adding more product lines for developing renewable energy, funded by tax breaks and tax incentives could be worth a look.

If you are a company and hire 10 or 100 people and you get X amount of a tax break, to equal the savings, isn't that called a win win situation?. Now, if you like that idea, make it happen NOW and make it mandatory legislation by the Feds. This means that banks, manufactures, of all goods must participate in 2010. Let's not go over and over it over and over. Just try it. If a home or business is renovated to become carbon neutral, the interest rate could be as low as 2%. This is not my idea. This is a program from Architecture 2030. Now, begin to educate those in the workforce in the new arena of energy and green building. Keep the prices low, keep education within reach.

How about this, if each solar and wind manufacturer gets a high percentage of a tax break to manufacture more cost effective systems, this means adding research, manufacturing and sales staff. How about an incentive for adding new positions in any start up company with a really low interest rate, like 2%? If banks aren't agreeable, let this be administered on line or threaten to close them down! Haven't they made enough money from us? It is time for banks to give back to us. Manufacturing, staffing, and developing our own resources can only help our economy. Look at Austria, Sweden and other countries that have stimulated their economy with efforts such as this. It won't kill the United States to copy others who have achieved success. If we do proper due diligence and stop trying to look elsewhere, our economy will recover faster. It is not a partisan issue yet it would please both parties.

The republicans can see the money flowing to big business in a plan like this and it doesn't involve more stimulus money. The democrats will like it because it has to do with addressing climate change and did I say please no more stimulus money? My friends and family are tired of going into depression, they want to be busy. They are willing to try new endeavors. Teach us about green hotels, eco- wines and eco-travel, and energy independence. Talk to us about how we use more oil to produce meat and products than we use in our cars. Educate us on why green buildings can help us live better. Then let your utility company tell you how you can use solar and wind energy to save and even make money. We all want to know why the new world of creating an energy conservation mindset will make a difference for us all. Can't you just see a revival of the real estate markets, and the mortgage industries growing again? Do I hear economic recovery?

While it is good the media tells us that job loss is not as bad as it was last week, or that the economists say things are turning around, are they reporting on the United States? If we think of the media as an animal, does the head know what the tail reports? You analyze this and that, murders, Tiger's woes, and those who are abducted. It should not be rocket science on what we really want to know about. We want to hear about putting our friend and family back to work. Come on business leaders, there is money in energy independence. Let's demand mandatory change in building codes, tax breaks for growth and drum up change like other countries are doing. Who wouldn't be interested in this?

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