Our top tips to retailers to improve environmental efficiency

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Waste Management

Improve landfill diversion rates and reduce costs with rising landfill tax and waste management costs:

  • Contact suppliers or head office to improve waste management by reducing the amount of packaging used or implementing take back schemes therefore eliminating waste
  • Review waste storage facilities – ensure sufficient quantity of bins, labelling of facilities and provide signage and instructions to assist with correct segregation.
  • Clearly define materials to be recycled or segregated
  • Consult with staff to ensure the system is effective and provide regular communications to staff to inform them of the changes
  • Review relevant facilities, including compactors and bailers to manage high volumes of waste
  • Ensure facilities are able to handle the increased waste during busy periods such as Christmas
  • Monitor waste figures and set targets for land diversion.
  • As part of contract negotiations, ensure adequate data provision from waste contractor is provided

Energy Management

  • Opportunities to reduce energy bills and identify initiatives to reduce usage:
  • Implement an energy management plan which includes the BMS (Building Management Services) plans
  • Ensure a comprehensive energy review is undertaken and monitor energy usage
  • Ensure non essential lights and equipment are switched off when not in use and in line with opening hours / review light fittings in use
  • Review heating and cooling systems including hours of operation and temperature settings, for example can natural ventilation be used

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