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Outlining the determinants of youth entrepreneurship in the Greek periphery


Based on the case study of the entrepreneurship in the Peloponnese Region, this paper explores the main characteristics of young entrepreneurs operating in the Greek periphery, the factors involved in encouraging or discouraging young entrepreneurs to set up an enterprise and the factors that hinder the success of those enterprises and often lead them to their closing down. The methodological framework of the survey is based on a series of personal interviews by means of a structured questionnaire with closed and open questions given to 70 young entrepreneurs from various sectors of the regional economy operating in the five prefectures in Peloponnese. The participants of the aforementioned field survey on youth entrepreneurship were entrepreneurs aged between 19 and 40. The statistical processing of the survey data results in a series of findings concerning the characteristics and the factors affecting youth entrepreneurship, which lead to the relevant regional policy proposals.

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