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Outokumpu - leadership in sustainability is based on reliable data - case study


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Outokumpu decided to replace its existing data solution for environmental data collection in desire for integrated, efficient, accurate and transparent corporate-wide environmental performance management. In addition to reporting, system was designed to follow groups KPI’s such as carbon footprint, energy and material efficiency. Tofuture´s Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) system was chosen after careful review of different solutions available on the market. The design and implementation was efficiently carried out with the help of Tofuture specialists. With the CSM tool, different data analyses and reports on all organizational levels are easy to create. One of the key issues of the system selection was to make sure, that the data is reliable and auditable and the system always leaves an audit trail to follow back to the source of the data. Outokumpu is currently transforming to global industry leader and the amount of both reporters and operating sites using system are significantly growing. Based on our experience with the system and Tofuture’s services we are confident that we can base our sustainability communication on reliable data also in the future.

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